Sewing Machine Operator / Lakeland

Industrial sewing machine operators needed for a maker and manufacture of handcrafted mattress since 1904.  MUST HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.

Industrial sewing machine operators are needed specifically for embroidery

An Industrial Sewing Machine operator:

-Starts and operates or tends machines that automatically decorate material.
-Draws thread through guides, tensions, and needles and adjust machine functions.
-Replaces and rethreads needles. Cuts material and threads, using scissors.
-Guides mattress parts under machine needle and presser foot to sew parts together.
-Observes sewing machine operation to detect defects in stitching or machine malfunction, and notifies supervisor.
-Replaces sewing machine parts and performs basic maintenance, such as oiling machine.

Two shifts available:

1st  Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM @ $10.00 hourly

2ndMonday-Friday 4PM-11:30PM @ $10.75 hourly 

(must train 2-4 weeks on 1stshift)

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